Kottu Roti

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  • October, Oct 12, 2019
Kottu Roti


Kottu, also known as koththu rotti or kothu roti (Sinhala: කොත්තු රොටි; Tamil: கொத்து ரொட்டி; meaning chopped bread), is a Sri Lankan dish made from godhamba roti (a type of Sri Lankan roti) and vegetables, egg and/or meat, and spices.[1][2] The bread is described as very similar to the type found in the south Indian kothu parotta and Roti canai.[3] A common dinner dish,[4] kottu has become popular in cities with a significant Sri Lankan diaspora population, such as Toronto and New York City's Little Sri Lanka neighborhood.[5][6]

Generally, the consumer chooses what and how much of the amount of ingredients are included if someone else is preparing.[7][8] Kothu is considered the Sri Lankan equivalent of the hamburger, in terms of its popularity.[9]


Along with flatbread, the other ingredients are egg, meat, and salna, a spicy sauce/gravy. The ingredients are thrown on a hot cast-iron griddle lubricated with oil. These are chopped and mixed by repeated pounding using heavy iron blades/spatula, the sound of which can be heard from a long distance. It is served with Salna .

Kothu parotta[edit]

Kothu parotta with chicken
Kothu parotta with egg from Salem, Tamil Nadu

Kothu Parotta/Koththu Parotta is a variant that originated in Madurai,[10][11] in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is made using parotta from Bleached flour; locally called Maida. Other variants of kothu parotta are Muttai kothu parotta, chilli parotta.It is also called Veechu parota (in Kerala).

Vegetarian kothu parotta

It is very popular in Tamil Nadu, and is also available in many other parts of India and in Sri Lanka.[12] Like the parottas, it is common in roadside shops called thattu kadai (lit. plate shop). It is available in other south Indian states. Kothu idly is also a similar dish prepared with idly instead of parotta.